Cupcake Jars - *HOLIDAY PRE-ORDER*

Cupcake Jars - *HOLIDAY PRE-ORDER*

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Order an Assortment of our most popular ‘Cupcake Jars’!

You choose 4, 6, 12, or 24 Jars. We will make and jar your order to be shipped between Dec. 17 & Dec. 19th, guaranteeing you receive it JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

*NOTE- If you are ordering as a gift and want the shipment to go to a different address, please put the address in the “Shipping Address” portion during checkout. 

All orders will be different random flavors of our BEST Cupcakes!

So, don’t hesitate, order today!

Each of our Jars contains 2 Cupcakes that are ready to eat upon opening!