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Doggy Treats

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At Sweet!, we LOVE Dogs.

We have come up with a hound-approved Doggy Treat!

Baked right here at Sweet! using all-natural ingredients. (Wheat flour, Flour, LOVE, Cornmeal, Bacon drippings, Beef broth, Oats, Peanut Butter, Eggs, and Vanilla extract.)

We're sure your puppy will love them too!

Available for Big Dogs- 1 Bag (6 Biscuits), 1 Box (6 Bags - 36 Biscuits), & 1 Case (12 Bags - 72 Biscuits) or for Small Dogs- 1 Bag (24 Biscuits), 1 Box (6 Bags -144 Biscuits), & 1 Case (12 Bags - 288 Biscuits). 

Don’t forget your best friend this Holiday Season!


**How our Sweet! Doggy Treats came to be AND the story of why there is a big ‘B’ on our little dog Doggy Treats**


At one time, the Lowe family had rescued 3 beautiful Basset Hounds. Daisy Mae was the oldest, Elvis was the middle “child”, and the youngest was our baby boy, Buford.

We loved making Sweet! treats for all of our human customers. So, it’s only natural that we wanted to make treats for our 4-legged friends. We tried many different recipes, all of which, Buford was never a fan.

FINALLY, after several tweaks, we found one our picky hound just loved.

All 3 have since passed, with Buford being the last in 2017. But, his memory is not lost! Since the day of Buford’s passing, we have put a big ‘B’ on each little dog treat in his honor. Now you know the story of why there is a big ‘B’ on our little Doggy Treats!

We’ve been hand making them for years now. AND we’ve yet to find a dog that doesn’t like them!

Don’t forget to get your dogs their treats too!