Can you say....Chocolate Dipped BACON?

Belmar, NJ

You heard that right. Chocolate Dipped Bacon is all the rage right now. 

So, where can I get some, you might ask.

Sweet! in Belmar is the answer!

They sweetest little shop on the Jersey Shore makes the State's Best Chocolate Dipped Bacon using thick-cut, hickory smoked bacon which is baked, not fried. "We bake it because we can control the finished product." says Sweet! co-owner/baker, Lena Lowe. "We don't want the bacon to get too overdone or underdone. We're looking for a beef jerky type of consistency and the process we use gets all the grease out" she adds.

Sweet! then dips each piece in their luscious Milk and Dark Chocolate. 

They offer it by the piece, 3 pcs., 6 pcs., 12 pcs., and/or a "Bacon & Eggs" deal (2 strips of bacon & 2 Gummy Fried Eggs)

If your down the Shore, be sure to stop by Sweet! on 10th Avenue before heading home and try it.

It is also available on their website:


702 10th Ave., Belmar, NJ


Open 7 days beginning at noon each day.

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