At Sweet!, we put GOLDEN GUMBALLS into our gumball machine.

Just get one and you get to choose a FREE GUMBALL of your choice! (A $4.25 value).

**We’ll make you FAMOUS!**
By claiming the cupcake of your choice, you agree to allow Sweet! to take your photo and put your name and hometown on this page. 

Caroline S. & Helena W. from Annapolis, MD - 08/5/2022

They chose a Belmar Cupcake! Congrats ladies!

Megan M. from Philadelphia, PA - 07/31/2022

Megan chose a ‘Princess Cupcake’. 
A Princess for a Princess! 👸 

Steve B. & Maria K. from Belmar - 7/29/2022

They chose a ‘Cannoli Cupcake’. Congrats!

Sebastian M. from Lake Como - 7/16/22

Sebastian chose a Belmar Cupcake!

Jack R. & Catherine R. from Belmar, MJ - 7/8/2022

Jack chose a ‘Birthday Cake’ Cupcake & Catherine chose a ‘Rainbow’ Cupcake. 

Our 1st ever back-to-back winners!

Luke T. from Belmar, NJ - 7/8/2022

Luke chose a ‘Rainbow’ Cupcake. Congrats Luke!

Jaxson R. from Spotswood, NJ - 7/5/2022

Jaxson picked out a Belmar Cupcake!
Enjoy it Jaxson!

Steven J. from Scotch Plains, NJ - 7/2/22
Steven chose a Rainbow Cupcake!

Louie from Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ - 7/1/22

Louie chose our Belmar Cupcake. Enjoy Louie!

Adriana P. of Belmar - 4/16/22

Adriana chose a Princess Cupcake! A Princess for a princess! 👸 

Madeline K. from Glenside, PA - 3/22/22

Madeline chose a Unicorn Cupcake. Look at that beautiful smile! 😊