Cupcake Of The Month Club

Want to give the Ultimate Sweet! gift to your special someone? Or do you just LOVE Cupcakes?

Join our ‘Cupcake of the Month’ Club!

3 Months = $25.99 + (Fixed $9.99 Shipping per Month)

6 Months = $48.99 + (Fixed $9.99 Shipping per month)

12 Months = $89.99 + (Fixed $9.99 Shipping per month) 

Every month, you or your loved one will receive a different mystery Cupcake!

Cupcakes will be either one of our regular Cupcakes we make here at Sweet! or a special limited edition Cupcake made only for our ‘Cupcake Of The Month’ Club members!

No matter the choice, you will always receive a Sweet! Cupcake that you have not had before!

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