Halloween in Belmar

Belmar, NJ - 10/31/2017

Trick or Treater’s were abundant in Belmar’s Business District on Halloween this year.


A combination of perfect weather, enthusiastic children, and open businesses allowed fun to be had by all.

At the popular cupcake & candy shop, Sweet! on 10th Ave., the crowds were out the door. Sweet! Didn’t disappoint, giving out full-sized candy bars and cupcakes to all the participants.

”We love all the children and especially love seeing the creativity in the costumes they wear”, said Lena Lowe, co-owner of Sweet!



Cali Lowe, Sweet!’s renowned Cake Artist, was dressed as a Care Bear. “They’re all so cute”, she said, “it would be a shame to not reward the kids for their efforts.”

Linda Keens of Wall said, “I have 2 kids and Belmar is one of their favorite places to get goodies.”


 So, remember Halloween in 2018. Belmar is the place!


702 10th Avenue

Belmar, NJ



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