Sweet! Cupcake Jars

Belmar, NJ

The ladies at Sweet! on 10th Avenue in Belmar have established themselves as a fixture on the Jersey Shore scene.

Seven years of baking, making, and creating their sugary treats for young and old, locals and non-locals, the picky and not-so-picky inside their little shop by the Shore.

What is the next step?

Sweet! has come up with a way to ship their goodies that is unique but practical...Jars!

Now, people all across America can experience the Award-winning taste of Sweet! Cupcakes. 2 regular sized Sweet! Cupcakes are lovingly baked and put into each Cupcake Jar. 

“We bake, pack, and ship all of our Cupcake Jars on the day the customer places their order.” says Lena, the co-owner of Sweet! “We actually tag each Jar with the Bake Date. The Jars are good for up to 10 days unopened. It allows us to ship them anywhere in the US” she added. 

Cali, the other owner, said, “And the best part is, when our customer opens their package and takes out their Cupcake Jar, all they need is a spoon! Our Cupcake Jars are ready to eat!”

The Sweet! Cupcake Jars have been selling like hot cakes since they were introduced 2 months ago.

“We have a really good deal on our website, www.sweetbelmar.com right now” says Cali. “If you purchase $50 or more in products, you can get FREE shipping.”

The Cupcake Jars at Sweet! come in over 25 different flavors. From Cannoli and Dulce de Leche to Chocolate Eclair and Sea Salt Caramel. Even the old standbys like plain Chocolate or Vanilla and Red Velvet are represented. 

If you can’t make it to Sweet!, Sweet! has found a way to make it to you. Try them today!



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