Sweet! Cupcakes

Sweet! in Belmar, NJ is known all over the Jersey Shore for delicious, award-winning cupcakes.

Enter Sweet! when they are baking and your senses are bombarded with goodness!

Lena Lowe, baker & co-owner, mixes up the moist and flavorful cakes and cupcakes while Cali Amadio, cake decorator & co-owner, artistically tops each one.

Their cupcakes cover a wide variety of colors, flavors, and themes.

"We are very happy doing what we love and the ultimate compliment is when our wonderful customers come back for more." says Lena.

"The awards are just icing on the cake" says Cali with a grin.

Sweet! is open 7 days a week beginning at noon each day.

They also make custom cakes for all occasions. Call them at: (732)280-8889 and let them make your next event a special one!


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