*WINNER!* 2018 ‘BEST CUPCAKES’ & ‘BEST CHOCOLATES’ - 1st Place - Monmouth Health & Life Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards

Cupcake Jars

Sweet!’s award-winning Cupcakes are now available for purchase in reusable glass jars!

Our ‘Cupcake Jars’ are ready to eat as soon as you receive them!

All Cupcakes are made fresh to order and packed in Jars for shipment to you.

Choose from any one of many flavors!

Our ‘Cupcake Jars’ last for up to 10 days from the bake date without refrigeration. 

They make great gifts for any occasion! Birthdays, Holidays, or just because you LOVE Cupcakes!

We offer our ‘Cupcake Jars’ in 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, or 24 packs.

FLAVORS: Vanilla/Vanilla, Vanilla/Chocolate, Nutella, German Chocolate, Cosmic, Chocolate/Vanilla, Chocolate/Chocolate, Unicorn, Cutie Pie, Red Velvet,  Bubble Gum, Dulce de Leche, Churro, S’mores, Lemon, Classic, Chocolate Raspberry, Mocha, Carrot, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Eclair, Cannoli, Banana Cream, Coconut, Sea Salt Caramel, Strawberry, Ocean, Cookies & Cream, and of course, BELMAR!

Save $$ with the more you buy.

Also, when purchasing $30 or more, be sure to use the discount code: “FREESHIP” at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING*! (*See “Free Shipping Policy on home page for details.)

*PLEASE NOTE- Each Cupcake Jar contains 2 of our Sweet!  Cupcakes (So if, for example, you were to order a 6 pack of Cupcake Jars, you would be getting 12 of our Cupcakes).

Please refrigerate after opening.

Thank you for supporting a small, local business! 



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