Cupcake Of The Month Club

Cupcake Of The Month Club

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Want to give the Ultimate Sweet! gift to your special someone? Or do you just LOVE Cupcakes?

Join our ‘Cupcake of the Month’ Club!

3 Months = $25.99 + (Fixed $9.99 Shipping per Month)

6 Months = $48.99 + (Fixed $9.99 Shipping per month)

12 Months = $89.99 + (Fixed $9.99 Shipping per month)

Every month, you or your loved one will receive a different mystery ‘Cupcake Jar’. Each Jar has 2 of our fresh-baked, award-winning cupcakes inside!

Cupcakes will be either one of our regular Cupcakes we make here at Sweet! or a special limited edition Cupcake made only for our ‘Cupcake Of The Month’ Club members!

No matter the choice, you will always receive a Sweet! Cupcake that you have not had before!


The final price you see at checkout will be for the cost of each Cupcake Jar, the Low, Fixed Shipping cost stated above, and Sales Tax (if applicable).

ALSO- If you want us to ship the jars to someone else, please leave the address to be shipped to in the ‘Add A Note’ section of your checkout cart.